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Hatcher also use computer to control temperature and humidity. Water-cooling system can also solve the unsatisfactory problem about rapid rising of the temperature and too much exchanging air and guarantee the good quality of chicken at all times. We adopt waterproof motor because we should clean inside of hatch thoroughly and constantly. This kind of motor has no electric connector, so it's not necessary for us to worry about leakage of electricity.

  The Characteristics of Hatcher:
Maintain constant temperature and energy-saving.
Pay more attention to sanitation and undepend on air condition.
More safety by using waterproof two-fan unit.
 Basket Capacity     144       168 

Dimensions    Length   2,100mm
One Hatcher Capacity    12,960   15,120

    Width    3,020mm
Egg Set 
Per Week
    25,920   30,240

    Height   1,923mm
Racks           6
Total weight        1,250Kg
Power Source  100V/220V   50/60Hz

Electrics         2,367W
Humidifying Spray Nozzle 0.3-0.5Mpa

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