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The gestation of life needs the fitting temperature, especially the chicks. Pearl-22 Incubator has the advanced intellective computer system, the water cooling system and the refluence temperature. So pearl-22 Incubator guarantees the growth of any chick according to different quantity of heat.
Water is the source of life. Without water, we cannot breed healthy chicks. But higher humidity will also affect the quality of chicks and cause more trouble. Pearl-22 Incubator adopts the high-precision water supply equipment for spray with computer system so that it can make the space of incubator in fitting water and the quality and health of chicks will be guaranteed.
Proper air can guarantee the needs of life. To Incubator system, providing enough fresh air is very important in condition of guaranteeing the temperature and humidity. Now pearl-22 Incubator has solved this problem successfully with the 30 years'abundant experience of IP company. Depending on heated, cooling, water supply and air movement, pearl-22 Incubator will provide any chicks fresh air.
In the nature, birds will turn eggs and the yelk will always in the center of eggs in order to prevent viscidity from shell. Pearl-22 adopts this method and turn eggs instead of birds. Shanghai Ishii Livestock Equipment Co., Ltd make the turning eggs be conveniently and reliable. With the electric monitor, it will stop all the bad turning.

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