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Intelligent Incubator
The advantage of Pearl-22 is that it adopts advanced intelligent control system、Air-circle system and water cooling system.
Pearl-22 incubator exclusively adopts intelligent Control.
It can measure the heat quantity from "mature eggs" automatically which can adjust the hatching control temperature constantly and guarantee hatching under the most suitable parameter incessantly. The computer completes the process of the entire control automatically. Although the operator has no experience in hatchery, he can complete the work outstandingly. 
Perfect air-circle system can save energy and cost efficiently. Through air handling unit, fresh air will be sent to incubator and mix with circle air in the incubator sufficiently. Then it will be exhausted from ventilator. When the air gets across "mature eggs", the air will be heated up and then transferred to heat the front stage eggs. This method can save plenty of energy. 
The advanced water-cooling system replaced the traditional air-cooling system. It not only can save energy but also improve the chicken's quality. When the incubator gathers too much heat, it needs to reduce the temperature. Traditional incubator can only reduce the temperature by increasing air exchange amount, so the spray system will always work because the humidity is losing quickly. It will cause the unstable environment inside the machine. Thus, water-cooling system can is efficient in lowering the temperature, saving energy and have no bad effect on the humidity. Water-cooling system can provide steadier environment by only using ground water.

  The advantages of pearl-22 intelligent incubator:

No over-high temperature and black umbilicus.

Control the hatchery time accurately.
The age of eggs takes no effects on the time of incubation. High survival rate of chicks.
The fertile rate takes no effect on the time of incubation.Quick growth speed of chicks
High hatchery rate and high quality chicks.

Although the operator has no experience in hatchery, he

can complete the work outstandingly.

Save energy.


Egg Tray Capacity

       36eggs  42eggs

 Dimensions    Length    8,184mm
Total Egg Capacity       77,760   90,720

    Width     3,047mm
Egg Set Per Week      25,920   30,240

    Height    2,504mm
Racks           12 racks
Total weight         4,500Kg
Power Source  100V/220V  50/60Hz
Turning Style          Air Style
Electrics           7,330W
Humidifying  Spray Nozzle0.3-0.5Mpa

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